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What is it ?

LINQ is short for Language INtegrated Query and was invented for the .net platform by the wizards at Microsoft.

AxLINQ is an attempt to bring a similar general purpose query language to the Microsoft Dynamics Ax platform (X++).

q = xFrom(n).in([1,5,4,3,8,10,7,9,2,6])
.Where(n <= 5)

AxLINQ is a parser, that will grab the query as seen above and translate it into an expression tree, which is passed to a query provider.
The query provider interprets the expression tree an executes the query (Where, OrderBy and Select) on the given data source ([1,5,4,3,8,10,7,9,2,6]).

Currently the AxLINQ package include a query provider for enumerables of “anytype”, but the framework is prepared to be extended by any query provider that you can think of.

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